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mms 20170511 214836Reception, kiosk and bistro

You check-in and out in our reception. If you have any questions or problems you are also welcome to ask us, we will try to help you as best we can. If you need to use the laundry-room you can book it and pick the key up in the reception. Here you also can rent a rowing boat.

Kiosk / minimarket

In our kiosk you will find ice-cream, sweets and snacks but we also have some food if you need to replenish your stock. Out of toothpaste? No problem we have a selection of hygiene products for sale in the kiosk.


We can offer hamburgers, toasts and hot soup etc. We can also offer our freshly made French fries as a side dish to your own barbecue. We also serve coffee and/or tea and coffe bread, so take the chance to enjoy traditional Swedish "fika". 



Service hours for the reception, kiosk/minimarket and bistro   

Date  Service hours  NB!  
30/4-17/6      09.00-10.00     Extended hours during weekends.  
18/6-12/8  09.00-17.00  Food is served between 12-16.00  
13/8-19/9  09.00-10.00 Extra hours may occure, please check the web for updates.  



We accept most credit cards and cash (SEK). Payment in other currencies may be possible, please contcat the reception in advance. 

Rowing boats

We have two types of rowning boats for rental. Make your reservation in the reception.   

Type of Boat Half day  Day Note
Boat for up to 4 persons   300 SEK  400 SEK  Two pair of oars 
Boat for up to 3 persons 200 SEK  300 SEK   


For all rentals, deposit and lease are written. We reserve the right to refuse to rent in certain situations, for example, requires that an adult is in the boat during use. Adult vests vests are included in the rent. Unfortunately we can not provide life jackets for children and non-swimmers. Söderköping Municipality and the Rescue Service in Östra Götaland rent life jackets to children.