Welcome to our campsite where we hope all our guests can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the beautiful nature of the inner archipelago. To ensure everyone's comfort, please consider the following:

  • For the well-being and safety of all, the maximum speed for vehicles within the campsite is 10 km/h. Keep in mind that some of our guests are small but can quickly appear on the road or behind a curve, so drive carefully.
  • Between 22:00 and 07:00, we ask for extra respect for each other's need for peace and quiet.
  • Dogs are welcome at the campsite but must be kept on a leash within the camping area. At our small bathing area at Lillängen, dogs eager to swim are welcome, but at our main beach, dogs must stay on land. Please note that according to Swedish law dogs must be prevented from running loose in areas where there is wildlife between the first of Marsch until the 20th of August. 
  • Grilling and other open-fire cooking should be done safely. You are not allowed to burn or grill directly on the ground at the campsite. Use a grill or fireplace with legs or a stand so that the ground does not get burned, and make sure you have water nearby to extinguish the fire. There is also a designated fire pit near the main bathing area. You need to provide your own coal, or other fuel. It is not permitted to chop down trees or branches to gather fuel for your fire or barbecue.If there is a fire ban due to dry conditions, we will do our best to inform our guests. 
  • Feel free to explore nature on and around the campsite; the Right of Public Access sets the framework for what you can and cannot do in nature, but remember to respect other guests, as the pressure on nature is particularly high in places like our campsite where many people move in a small area. A good rule of thumb is to leave the places you've been as they were when you arrived or even better.
  • Fishing with hand gear is allowed allong the Swedish coast of the Baltic Sea, but we do not fish from the dock at the main bathing area and ask you to respect that the boat club does not allow casting from their docks. Also, remember that you, as a fisherman, are responsible for following the rules and laws regarding catch limits and closed seasons. On the website "Svenska fiskeregler" you can learn more about Swedish fishing regulations.